Nine: Edie Oakley

NINE: The AHA Moment

A few weeks ago, Julie mentioned the book, The Element by Ken Robinson, which examines the place where talent meets passion- described as where people “feel most themselves, most inspired, and achieve at the highest levels.”  As I was reading her blog, it reminded me of what I call my “Aha” moment.  For me, this moment happened in January of 2009. I was sitting in a circle with 39 other health care professionals waiting for our first class to begin in the Duke Integrative Health Coaching Program.  As soon as the director began talking about what this new position in health care would provide, my heart and mind felt a peace like I have never known and a tear rolled down my cheek. My body and mind simultaneously exclaimed “AHA!!” For over 5 years, I had been creating my dream job on paper and I couldn’t believe that “it” had a name- Integrative Health Coach!  This is where I felt most myself and most inspired! For the first time in my life, I was surrounded by like-minded and hearted people.  Have you ever had a moment where you catch someone’s eye and no words need to be said because you know what they are thinking? This is what I experienced the day of my Aha moment- our eyes communicated to each other that “I AM HOME.”

I have been a Registered Nurse for over 15 years, working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Mother/Baby, Pediatrics and received a Master’s degree in Counseling- working with teenage and college girls.  Although I loved my patients, I always felt disconnected in the “task” of nursing and frustrated that I remained discontent in my professional life (which naturally spills over into other areas). The questions I asked myself were what are my gifts? What am I passionate about? If I could do anything, what would I do (regardless of money)?

As I began journaling my thoughts and feelings, I realized that I wanted to be part of a “well-care” model of care.  I wanted to reach women and men before they were in crisis or sick!  As health care costs continue to rise, I am more aware than ever that to save money, we as individuals need to learn how to be and stay well—body, mind and spirit.   

That is why I believe that my talent and passion have intersected being an Integrative Health Coach! As your wellness coaches at SYNCSTUDIO, Julie and I can help provide direction, motivation and support in reaching your optimal goals—realizing that you are multi-dimensional and a whole person.  We will be present with you as you develop your own agenda for a healthier, more productive, more fulfilling life, and we will support you in your ongoing journey towards those goals. I can’t wait to meet you!!  

Written by Edie Oakley RN, BSN, MA

Integrative Health Coach joining SYNCSTUDIO’s Wellness Director Julie Marks for Integrative Health Coaching.

She lives in Durham, NC with her husband and 2 boys

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