TEN: Momentum for Change

 101 Ways to Wellness

NINE: Momentum for Change

First of all, I have to tell you that I have been so impressed and encouraged by all of you who have taken on the 30 Days to Wellness Challenge! As the end of the month approaches, I can’t wait to hear about your experiences and how this Challenge has motivated and transformed you – body, mind and spirit!

This weekend, we will continue to explore your personal journey through transformation. I will be facilitating a workshop on creating momentum for change, one step at a time. We will “get real” as we think practically about how to keep moving forward in the face of work, family, school, etc. 

In her book, Women, Food and God, Geneen Roth encourages us that being gentle with ourselves is paramount in creating lasting change in our lives.  As you think about your own journey towards wholeness, consider what Geneen says about change and the importance of being a witness to your actions:  

         Our work is not to change what you do, but to witness what you do with enough awareness, enough curiosity, enough tenderness that the lies and old decisions upon which the compulsion is based become apparent and fall away.  When you no longer believe that eating will save your life when you feel exhausted or overwhelmed or lonely you will stop.  When you believe in yourself more than you believe in food, you will stop using food as if it were your only chance at not falling apart. When the shape of your body no longer matches the shape of your beliefs, the weight disappears. And yes, it really is that simple. 

You will stop turning to food when you start understanding in your body, not just your mind, that there is something better than turning to food. And this time, when you lose weight, you will keep it off.

Truth, not force, does the work of ending compulsive eating.

Awareness, not deprivation, informs what you eat.

Presence, not shame, changes how you see yourself and what you rely on.

When you stop struggling, stop suffering, stop pushing and pulling yourself around food and your body, when you stop manipulating and controlling, when you actually relax and listen to the truth of what is there, something bigger than your fear will catch you.  With repeated experiences of opening and ease, you learn to trust something infinitely more powerful than a set of rules that someone else made up: your own being.

The poet Galway Kinnell wrote, “Sometimes it is necessary to re-teach a thing its loveliness.”

Consider the power, and the joy, of achieving a healthier and more balanced life by focusing on truth, awareness and presence, rather than force, deprivation and shame. Learning to be gentle with ourselves in the present moment and being mindful — in a yoga or spinning class, at work, or with our children – is new for many of us.   However, when practiced regularly, it can become a powerful teacher to helping us understand ourselves in a deeper, richer way, and a powerful catalyst for change. 

We want our space at SYNCSTUDIO to be a safe place for you to BE present, mindful and true. Congratulations on your road to Wellness and come join me this weekend to talk about re-teaching loveliness and continuing the journey to healthy mind, body and spirit.

Your Wellness Coach,

Edie Oakley

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  1. Edie, this post is lovely!
    I really admire the way you’ve woven together wellness with wholeness. Seems like if we concentrate on our Being, then our health issues might resolve themselves.

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