Getting Started

I was encouraged by a dear friend and student to start up the SYNCSTUDIO blog posting again. After many hours thinking about why I didn’t have time to do it or shouldn’t do it, the thought occurred that my hesitation to venture into the blogging world is probably very similar to many other’s hesitation to venture into a SYNCCYCLING class.

“Its too hard.”

“Its too time consuming.”

“Its exhausting.”

“I couldn’t possibly make time.”

“I don’t know how to do that.”

“I might be horrible.”

“I might be embarrassed.”

All of the above thoughts crossed my mind and had me close to convinced not to do this blog; however, when put into perspective the rewards of blogging will far outweigh any embarrassment and efforts.   If my posts can relate to or give insight to even 1 reader then I would consider this successful.  The same goes for getting on the bike.  Don’t let doubt and fear take over, if you can in anyway become a healthier and stronger individual then the initial struggle and effort on the bike will be worth it in the end.

Here are some tips about how to get started (also how to convince a friend or loved one to get started):

  1. Choose wisely.  If you are new to cycling then be fair to yourself and start with a SYNCCYCLING Basics class.  The bike, the movements and style of cycling will be introduced to you in a Basics class.  An intro class is not meant to be easy though, so don’t worry you will still get the work out you are looking for!
  2. Prepare.  Be prepared for the class in advance and the day of.  Make the commitment to yourself by signing up ahead of time and putting it on your calendar.  Hydrate your body 24hrs prior to the class.  Fuel your body properly.  Eat light, clean and healthy well in advance of the class.  Most people don’t exercise well on a full stomach so get fueled in advance.  Typically a lean protein with vegetables is a great meal to fuel up on (think salad with grilled chicken).
  3. Positive.  Be positive and stay positive before and during the class.  If you tell yourself there is no way you are making it through, then you probably won’t.  Tell yourself you can and you will.
  4. Relax.  Stay relaxed and comfortable knowing that this is something new. You have to start somewhere.  Think of this as a practice, there is never perfection and you can always improve!
  5. Enjoy.  Enjoy the experience and be present for the class.  Try not to think about outside events or stresses, let the time in the classroom be an escape from reality for a bit.  Guaranteed whatever you left behind will be waiting for you when you leave the room.
  6. Clothes.  Wear clothes that are comfortable to sweat and move in.  No long baggy pants on the bike.  Most likely you don’t have cycling shoes—who cares, you don’t need them to start!  Wear comfortable sneakers that have a firm and preferably thick sole.  If you get serious about taking cycling classes then we will recommend you invest in a pair of cycling shoes.

SYNCCYCLING is a unique style of cycling in that it is a stand up style with upper body movement and we are using the beat of the music to drive our classes.  Come prepared for a great, fun and energizing work out.

I hope to see you on the bike and if you have any reservations please don’t be afraid to reach out to me.



PS. I am welcoming any tips on how to get started on blogging…I’m new to this!

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