Get off your couch…and get active this winter!

Once the weather gets cold and the rain sets in I think its safe to say we all tend to get a bit too comfortable on the couch.

I’m not here to judge though…just here to offer some alternative ideas for the rest of this winter.

Here are, in my humble opinion or experience, some AWESOME things you can do alone AND with friends in the RTP (and by RTP I am mostly talking about Durham because I love Durham):

*Forewarning options 1-3 are obvious considering I eat, sleep and live at SYNCSTUDIO

1. SYNCCYCLING. New and nervous? Check out the previous blog post…but honestly if you are looking for awesome music, great cardio and fun people get your butt into our classes.  We don’t play, but we keep it fun all day every day.

2. SYNCCOMBO. I can’t toot the SYNCSTUDIO horn enough…TOOT TOOT! SYNCCOMBOs give you 30 minutes of cycling + 30 minutes of sculpting or 45 minutes of Yoga.  Whether you choose the cycle + sculpt or the cycle + yoga route you can’t go wrong, you will get the best of both worlds. Get your butt off that couch and do it.

3. YOGA. You have lots of options for this in the triangle, but I truthfully love each and every one of the SYNCSTUDIO instructors.  Each instructor has their own distinct style and personality and never fails to deliver wonderful classes.  If you are new to Yoga then the Power Flow Basics on Thursdays at 7PM or Saturdays at 9AM are great intros.  The reason I have listed Yoga as a great activity is because this is something you can bring back to your living room and practice outside the studio too.  The wonderful thing about Yoga is that you never find perfection; it is a practice and therefore will always be changing, evolving and transforming you!

4. HOT CLUB of Durham. I am new to the Swing Dance community, but let me tell you it is AWESOME.  Lots of great class opportunities, a class flow chart to follow, great instructors, a social dance on Thursdays to practice your moves with strangers, fun people…not to mention its located in the Trotter building across the street from Motorco and Fullsteam! If you enjoy dancing and would like to learn something new, Swing Dance is a great activity to get addicted to! I’m currently learning Lindy Hop and loving it!

5. DRINK SOME BEAN. Ok, so this isn’t calorie burning at all, but it CAN be considered serious fueling! Bean Traders Coffee in Homestead Market is probably my second favorite spot in Durham (after SYNCSTUDIO of course).  LOVE the people, LOVE the coffee.  If you need awesome coffee, a great hang out, meeting spot or place to work outside the home then this is it.  Local, fresh and awesome.  Hardly a day goes by I don’t step foot in that place so hope to see you there!

6. The ATT. No, not AT&T. The American Tobacco Trail.  You say its cold…I say layers.  This trail is so awesome ANY time of year.  Gather up a gaggle of friends and walk it, run it, bike ride it, roller blade it or whatever.  Its beautiful!

7. Start Laughing. The DSI Comedy Club in Carrboro comes highly recommended from a friend- I think he is pretty funny.  I haven’t been there YET, but plan on seeing what the hype is about and you should too!  They have lots of shows.

8. Main St. Durham, NC. There is a lot to do on Main St. and around Main St. during the day and at night. Walk around and check out all the different spots for shopping, dining, and socializing. Never done it, but there are gourmet walking tours (2.5-3 miles of walking!) which apparently run RAIN OR SHINE if you are looking for a local food tour. I usually walk around for a while and then end up at the West End Wine Bar for apps and good deals on good wines.

9. Papa Mojo’s Roadhouse. Okay, first lets just put it out there, nothing on their menu is healthy unless you make some serious revisions (“I would like the shrimp basket, but I’m going to need that grilled?”). Remember this is an activity list NOT a restaurant list.  Back to the point…They have GREAT blues bands come through. Check out their line up and drop in for a night of great music and dancing!

10. Go see a live (and maybe local) band. On the calorie burning scale this isn’t tipping the charts, but hey you aren’t on the couch anymore right?! There are so many venues in the area that have a wide variety of shows, many of which are local!  Thursday nights at Tir-na-nog in Raleigh they have a free local show.  On most other nights you can find bands playing at Cat’s Cradle, Local 506, Motorco, Pinhook, and lots of places in Raleigh.  Also, Casbah off of Main St in Durham.  I haven’t been there YET but I have heard in addition to good music they have dancing…always a good combo!

11. Moorehead Planetarium. Such a wonderful and overlooked spot in the triangle.  In the warmer months they lead nighttime kayak and canoe sessions for stargazing.  Right now they have FREE star watching! They always have really interesting “movies” playing too!  If anyone wants to go learn about black holes, let me know because I’m totally in!

12. Art museums. This is something I like to do when I need some alone time but don’t want to stay home.  I do love the North Carolina Museum of Art for both their collections inside as well as their sculpture park.  I am a regular at their outdoor movies in the summer and have heard rumors of indoor movies as well.  The Nasher and Ackland are also great museums to check out. The Nasher hosts some wonderful evening events.

13. NC Museum of Life and Science. As for adult activities…okay limited selection, but the butterfly atrium is beautiful and tranquil.  The trails around the grounds are an all ages activity.  If you have kids and haven’t been to the Museum of Life and Science, all I can say is that this should be top priority- it can seriously eat up an entire day and keep the kids happy!

14. Vertical Edge. Climbing walls galore in Durham.  Looking for something fun and new to try? Maybe rock climbing could be your adventure sport for the winter.  They have intro classes as well as drop in rates.

15. Bowling. I hate to include this, but seriously this can be cheap and fun!  My favorite location is Mardi Gras off of HWY 54 in Chapel Hill.

16. Thursday night TRIVIA! Tyler’s taproom at the American Tobacco District has weekday evening trivia night! Gather your friends and pick your brains for trivia.

17. POOL. Keep your swimsuits stored away.  City Beverage has a pool table, great music and a very attentive staff to keep fueled while you burn it up on the pool table. If you go on Friday’s there is live music too! Ask for Jackson at the bar, he knows what’s up in Durham.

18. Treasure Hunting. Everything but Grannies Panties is a thrift house on Guess Rd in Durham and is full of hidden treasures…and literally I mean hidden.  Be prepared to spend an afternoon searching for that special gem.

Please share any other ideas you have by leaving a comment below!

See you around!



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3 responses to “Get off your couch…and get active this winter!

  1. This is very helpful information, thanks for sharing!

    I hope to see you at the studio soon

  2. Hey Tati! Glad that this is helpful and I hope to see you in the studio soon too!!

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