The Positive Mind

Recently I was struck by how positive and enthusiastic a friend was about EVERYTHING… and literally I mean everything.  My first reaction was to be in disbelief.  How could they be totally happy and satisfied with just about anything and everything going on?  For example, whenever I ask, “how are you?” or “how is your day?” the ONLY responses I get are:






“Really good.”

“Such a good day.”


The first couple of times I received these responses my immediate reaction was to ask why or how so? My friend’s response to my questioning was confusion.  In the mind of a positive thinker the thought process must be something like “well why wouldn’t it be anything but great?”  Initially I thought this was funny, almost quirky.  However, then I got to thinking…maybe there is something to the positive mind. The past couple of weeks I have made a conscious effort to try and stay positive about anything and everything that comes my way.

Things have been going something like this:

You: “How are you?”  Me: “Great!” (and I truly mean it every time)

Blogger: “You need to start blogging again!” Me: “So true! I am nervous, but I can and will make the time for it.”

Doctor: “You have the flu.” Me: “Cool, Im going to get over it.”

Pilot: “Plane is broken, must get off, flight will be delayed.” Me: “No problem, things will get fixed and I WILL make it in time for work.” (which I did by the way!)

Me: “You need to work on your day off.” Me: “I LOVE my job!”

…you get the idea.


To be honest I have been amazed at how much simple positivity has literally transformed the way I feel and perform.  I am excited to tackle projects, work, new hobbies, sickness.  Even the simplest things like spending time with friends and family seem more exciting and fulfilling.


I told one of the students at SYNCSTUDIO the other week that I approach everything with a positive mantra.  I am constantly repeating positive thoughts. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I am going to choose to make mine positive.


I will let you know how this goes…but I have a feeling it’s going to continue going well! 😉







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18 responses to “The Positive Mind

  1. Jen Kates

    Well done, Ashley! Love, love, LOVE it! You will rock the positive thoughts… I have an awesome book for you to borrow; let me bring it into the studio sometime.

  2. Thanks Jen! I would love to borrow your book!!

  3. Renee

    Love this!!! Thank you…I have sent this on to many friends 🙂 Once again, inspiring.

  4. Thanks Renee! You are very sweet and a positive influence! 😉

  5. Ashley, I love all of your posts so far. This one is awesome … and so positive 🙂

  6. Christy

    Ashley…I have always seen you as a positive person!! You brighten my day a little extra when I get to see you in the shop. I am glad you are feeling the stronger positive vibes inside…though I have always felt them outside 🙂

    • Thanks Christy! …maybe it was just a matter of actively thinking about being positive! I think I have always been and will always be an optimist and a considerably positive person, but now I am making a conscious effort to embrace the lifestyle! BTW the feeling is mutual…BT is one of the best parts of my day!

  7. Emily

    Ashley, this was great to read!
    I, too, have been actively struggling with this idea for (yikes) almost a year now?! Just some thoughts…
    It’s strange how negativity can penetrate our minds in a split second and sometimes without our total awareness. If allowed, the negativity can easily consume and replace all the positivity that was previously there. It’s hard to reteach our brain how to react to situations. It’s a new acceptance: deciding to see the positive side of what we experience. I’ve found that if you can remind yourself to keep a clear perspective of importance, you can look at the negativity as “just not being that significant.” It’s about embracing the wonderful “little” things that are present throughout your day, because if allowed, negativity can inhibit our ability to recognize special moments. (Example… I had a shitty morning today with everything going wrong somehow. Despite my crankiness, I brought my 2 pups to the dog park, and sometime during those 45 minutes, I felt a change in myself. Watching all those dogs playing so free-spirited, it made me smile. I was breathing a little deeper. I realized that everything earlier in the day was “not such a big deal.”)
    Long story not so short: Keep up the work… because it IS challenging sometimes to be positive. But my hope is that as we actively strive to search for the positive in our life’s experiences, the easier it will be to finally see the positivity that was always there but couldn’t be seen.

    • Thanks Emily! You are right that the positive thought is always there, but maybe not acknowledged or seen and the negative thought seems so easy and convenient to rely on. However, once you make choosing the positive thought a habit then the positive mind doesn’t seem quite so challenging. Glad to know we are forming the same “habit.” 🙂

  8. Jose Roberto

    Really inspirational post. You truly are a reflection of positive thoughts.
    : )

  9. My dear sweet Ashley, you are a bubble of happiness and joy. Just between us, I have told Andy a million times that I could adopt you and keep you FOR-EVER! There is an energy and aura about you that is rare and priceless and I adore you to pieces. Believe me, I don’t fawn over the best of my friends like this 😉 but it’s the truth.
    You did so well during our interview for my travel book and I was sitting there, thinking, how young she is and how smart and wise. I need to be more positive, more more more. Great post, keep posting.
    ps: I am the “blogger” asking the question…LOL!

    • Farnoosh, Thank you for such a sweet and kind comment.

      I really had fun spending the afternoon with you. I am always inspired by how many projects you take on AND how wonderful they turn out! A true multi-tasker!

      Thanks for inspiring me to blog! XO

  10. Mandy

    I really needed to read this! Thanks for posting = )

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