I can. I will.

The 30 Days to Wellness Challenge is back at SYNCSTUDIO and all I can say is FINALLY!  I really love having this challenge at our studio.  Participants make the commitment of doing something active every day for 30 days, hopefully helping them to form a habit of being active- a habit that unfortunately is not common in our society.

Have you ever stopped to think about the typical day of an average person working in a suburban area such as RTP?  It goes something like this:

Wake Up, get ready for work and maybe eat a quick breakfast, have coffee.

Get in the car to perhaps take kids to school and/or go to work. (Don’t forget you are sitting this whole time.)

Find the closest parking spot to the door of your building and hurry in to the office to sit for hours until you maybe get up to get lunch.

Back for more sitting until you leave work.

Get in your car and go home to relax for the evening having dinner and watching TV.

Now MAYBE you can sprinkle in about 45-60 minutes of exercising at a gym or outside into this average day, but honestly when you know that about 35% of Americans are considered overweight and about another 25% can be considered obese this probably is NOT something that can be included in the average day. (see links below for data)

Just saying this schedule aloud actually makes me laugh- its kind of crazy! If you have ever listened to This American Life on NPR you understand the type of humor I am talking about: the absurdity of our reality.

We wake up, eat, sit in a car to sit at work all day staring at a computer, get back in a car to go home and sit some more while we eat and watch TV until we go to sleep.  We vie for the closest parking spots to doors so we don’t have to walk.  We will get in our car to drive across parking lots to another store instead of walking across the parking lot.  We will buy pounds of processed and packaged food so that we don’t have to go to a market or store to eat fresh food every week. We will leisurely walk for about 30 minutes and pretend as though we burned off an entire meal when in reality we might have burned 100 calories. We will drive a mile down the road even if it is possible just to walk. From the outside it seems as though we avoid movement like it’s a plague.  All while we are NOT moving, we order super sized items from menus and eat portions equivalent to a days worth of calories.  It is both sad and in a very twisted way humorous.

There have been numerous studies done that show a sedentary lifestyle can have negative effects on our health just as smoking can.  There have also been many studies showing even a moderate amount of exercise can have positive effects   In all fairness though, because making money drives our society, it is understandable that our sedentary jobs and careers tend to take priority over our health.  However, if you have the means and the knowledge to live a healthy/healthier lifestyle then why don’t you?? Perhaps it is because we have gotten out of the habit of being healthy and most of us don’t believe that we are strong enough to form healthy habits.

Thinking about this makes the 30 Days to Wellness challenge all the more important and exciting to me.  Continue believing that you CAN be active, you CAN make the commitment to your health, you CAN make time for your health, you CAN form healthy habits, you CAN become a healthier individual and you WILL.  It will take a positive and confident attitude, but if you believe you CAN, you WILL.

While this challenge is going on, I will dedicate many of my blog posts to our participants.  Hopefully providing entertaining reading material along their journey!

Until next time…


Links to data regarding overweight & obese Americans:



Interesting article from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention about Physical Inactivity rates in US:



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2 responses to “I can. I will.

  1. John Shelburne

    Thanks Ashley–well said. Considering our evolution, this new life style is very different from our past. For most of our history, we were either running or climbing to get something to eat, or to avoid being eaten! We are not designed to sit all day.

  2. Jose Roberto Rodriguez

    Your absolutely right!

    Positive mind (healthy mind) + Active Body (healthy body)= Happy Life

    Gratitude for the message
    Be Well!

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