An inspirational friend.

Being part of this studio gives me the opportunity to meet new people everyday.  I make new friends, I feel inspired and moved by their stories.  Sometimes I see them again and sometimes I don’t, either way they provide a moment of inspiration for me as I go through my day.  However, there are those returning faces that I see every day for my classes, in other classes and just passing through the studio.  These are the faces that provide constant inspiration for me.  Especially on days when I can’t seem to find the energy to make things happen.


This post is dedicated to one student at our studio who is truly an inspiring individual, one that I see just about every day.  She is inspiring for me, for other members, for her family, for her friends and anyone who has the fortune to meet her.


I first met her last summer in my cycling class. I can only imagine that she was probably a bit nervous about coming into cycling classes taught by hyper young chickies with music blaring, not to mention she was in the middle of fighting a serious illness.  Her doctor suggested that she exercise more, but probably didn’t think that his/her suggestion would be carried out with such fervent devotion.  She came into the studio with her neighbor, both determined and enthusiastic despite her current circumstance and recent setbacks. I was instantly impressed by her strength and energy; I was blown away by her dedication to the 30 Days to Wellness challenge though.  She and her neighbor committed to the challenge together and didn’t miss a single one of their 30 classes.  In the midst of doctors appointments, grandchildren and life they never gave up.  The challenge came and went, but her dedication to health and fitness didn’t waver. She is walking proof that dedication to overcoming a challenge can pay off and that surrounding yourself with people who love and support you can make all of the difference while doing so.   We have seen the physical changes at the studio (she has some serious muscles now and rocks the back row in cycling classes) and reports from her doctor have also been changing for the better.  Watching her health improve so drastically and her confidence build has been an unbelievably positive experience for me.  Knowing that this studio can offer a place for something like that to happen plays a HUGE role in keeping me motivated.


She, her neighbor and her neighbor’s husband have all become a staple in classes at our studio, inspiring and encouraging just about everyone that walks through the door to stay committed.  I hope they know they are a cornerstone of our community, dear friends, and an important part of my life.


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12 responses to “An inspirational friend.

  1. Emily

    She inspires me too… she helps remind us that there is always time for making positive change in our lives. Such incredible spiritual and mental strength that she has and now she has the physical too with the muscles to prove it!

  2. Abbie

    And…it is contagious…I am personally inspired by the teachers and other clients as well…I could not stay committed to any of the classes if it weren’t for the awesome additude your staff has and the new friends with inspirational stories I have made. You all have created such an inviting, warm place for personal growth and I am very grateful. Funny you should write today on this topic, because I was feeling especially grateful today during Christine’s combo class as she provided assistance to my shaky postures.

  3. I read this with tears running down my face and with a heart so full of gratitudute for all of you. I agree with Abby. You are my inspiration and without my faith, my family , my beyond description neighbors, and the great, great staff at Syncstudio and all of my new and wonderful friends there, I might have given up the fight long ago. Thank you all more than I can say with mere words for helping me with my journey. Love, Ruth

    • Mandy

      I love you, Ruth! I didn’t even read the replies until I sent mine. I walked into yoga today and didn’t see my three friends in the back. I wondered all evening where you were. I hope to see you tomorrow! Hugs, Mandy

  4. What an inspiring reminder of how precious life is and how we can all benefit from surrounding ourselves with positive energy, healthy environments and the power of our own will to fight. I am always renewed and refreshed after I leave Sync. It is such a special place to be and to grow in strength. Thank you!

  5. Mandy

    Reading this seriously made me cry. She is such an inspiration to me as well. I love seeing her and receiving her hugs (and hugs from her neighbors). They are all truly, genuinely nice people, and they have made such a positive impact on my life. I am so proud of her! When friends tell me “I can’t do this or that” I tell them her story. It always warms my heart to see her smiling face. This is why I love Sync…it’s all about motivating each other, inspiration, and community. Thanks for posting, Ashley = )

  6. sid lively

    I too have to agree with all that has been said aout my good friend Ruthy! She is a rock for me! I keep going to classes because I want her to know I am as dedicated as she is. If she is not there I feel as though I am missing something in my life, but the reality is I am not there as much as she is! Good health comes from good habits, and Ruth proves this to me every day. I can only hope that I am half the person that Ruth, Lynn, and A.C. are. You three are the best!!!

  7. Samantha

    This post was truly a tear-jerker! It pulled at my heartstrings, because I absolutely love Ruth, and I, too am inspired by her! I always think of what a strong woman she is when I am having a hard day, and it motivates me to keep going. It has been beyond a pleasure to get to know everyone at the studio, especially Ruth, Lynn and A.C.! The environment and people at SYNCStudio are very empowering and and I proud to say it holds a special place in my heart (just like Ruth does). SYNCStudio is my home away from home. 🙂

  8. Victoria Alonso

    Thanks to your daughter in law-Perla, I came to read these postings and although I am not part of your exercise group, I do know Ruth and have been a witness of her many strengths and love for her family.
    Thinking about you and wishing you well. Can’t wait to see those big muscles!! Beach time is around the corner!

  9. Kim McBride

    Ruth is my aunt and has been an inspiration to me my whole life. I love her as I love my mother. She is a strong, loving, and giving woman who has and still gives her all to the people in her life. She has never wanted pity nor shone self pity during her fight with cancer. I believe her attitude is what has kept her strong and winning the battle.
    Aunt Cissy I Love You and thank God you have been part of my life…
    Keep on keeping on….

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