Going Raw and Getting Real.

About 30 days ago I agreed to try going raw for a month with a friend in an effort to have a healthier diet.

The act of going raw, not eating anything that has been heated above 118 degrees, has actually been much easier for me than I thought. It was also something that I NEVER thought I would do.  The first day I started this nutritional quest I was given some very valuable advice though, something that turned out to be the deal breaker for me.  The advice was not to cut out your comfort items.  My comfort items are Bean Traders coffee (Drip, Soy Mayan Mochas, Ice Coffee, Iced Americano), tea, dark chocolate and beer (umm hello! I teach Bike and Beer on Fridays, so obviously won’t be cutting that out!).   I began my quest with the conditions that I didn’t cut these items out.  I also have to admit that this new regimen was made MUCH easier by the fact that my friend was doing all of the cooking/preparing of our meals for the week.  She prepared, she planned, she made grocery lists, she chopped, she packaged and I ate.  My diet went from bland and monotonous to diverse and nutrient packed. I thoroughly enjoy the food. It has been pretty awesome and maybe that’s why 1 month came and went with no signs of us stopping. (You can check out some of the recipes and experiences we have had at her blog)

I will say that in actuality we are about 90% raw.  Between our comfort items and the occasional meal out with family and friends we couldn’t honestly say that we are 100% raw.  However, I am not ashamed to admit this nor do I consider it “cheating.”  Instead of forcing myself to conform to a raw lifestyle or diet, I conformed a raw lifestyle and diet to fit my needs and my life.

What works for one person or one raw food guru might not work for me and I have learned to accept that.  Often we assume a new lifestyle or start a new diet rigidly conforming to what a book dictates or what has worked for another person instead of educating ourselves on the pros and cons and accepting what is and isn’t feasible for us.  Or we start something with the wrong intentions.

People have been asking if I like being raw or if I think it is “better” or if I feel better AND most of all if I have lost weight.  Personally, yes, I feel better and I am happy with what my diet has become, but the reason I began this was to achieve greater health and that is the mentality I approach everything with.  I am not keeping track of my weight, so I don’t have an answer to the latter of the questions.  The most important thing is that I have become more aware of what I put in my body now.  However, I am not depriving myself from anything to the point that I become frustrated with what I am doing.  I am also not changing my routine to the point that all areas of my life are affected.  If my friend invites me out to dinner, I don’t decline, but I also don’t order the fried chicken platter.  I don’t let a raw food guru get in my head, I will order the salad or anything with raw vegetables not getting into a frenzy if I end up with something that isn’t considered raw.

Everything in moderation and everything in balance.

This month I have really learned the value of experimenting to get in touch with what works for you.  Not looking at someone else’s results to judge my own.  I think this is why I feel so comfortable with the changes I have made, because they are changes that work for me not what worked for someone else.



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3 responses to “Going Raw and Getting Real.

  1. Lovely post -and why didn’t anyone tell me Samantha has her own blog? Enough with secrets 🙂 Reading her recipes now! Keep it up, Ashley!

  2. Thanks Farnoosh! no more secrets…promise!

  3. Christy

    love it! I am inspired 🙂

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