You start somewhere- in the womb, at mile 1 of your marathon training, kindergarten, drinking coffee with more milk and sugar than coffee, training wheels, learning the alphabet…so why do we approach new adventures in our lives as though we should already know what to do and how to do it?

With the opening of our second location and our most recent Groupon feature there have been herds of new clients venturing into our classrooms.  As an instructor, new energy in the room makes me excited to teach.  This means one more person I have the opportunity to share a passion with and convince exercising can actually be enjoyable.  However, as an instructor, you NEVER know what the new student’s reaction is going to be.  It could be overwhelmingly positive and optimistic or it could make you feel like you just wasted an hour of their life.  As I speak to new clients, see them return to class or avoid class like the plague I have come to find that  most everyone is hypercritical of their performance and put themselves down or tell themselves they can’t do it. They forget that they HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE.

Starting something new should be approached just like a non-runner would approach training for a marathon- mile by mile, day by day.  You don’t just jump into something and expect to know everything going on and be able to do everything perfectly.. You can’t look around at others to judge your OWN performance….NEWS FLASH!  You are going to have to work for it! Just like in marathon training- you have to TRAIN!

As an instructor I don’t care how long it takes you to be able to run your marathon, I just want to make sure you stay committed and don’t let your end goal out of sight.  If you are willing to put in the work, I have the patience and am willing to put in the time to help you achieve it and the reason being because I was once at day 1, class 1 and mile 1 too.

I think this is holds true for all instructors and trainers who love what they do. 

Speaking of starting new things…I know I have been absent from the blogging world for several months now since I made my infamous debut (ha!) and suffice to say that having a career as a blogger is not looking like a viable option right now given my performance.  Turns out I am not so good at keeping my blogs posted, but hey, I had to start somewhere….still training!

In my defense I did just give birth to a baby (figuratively!)  SYNCSTUDIO Downtown is still in its infancy and has without a doubt been consuming my time, mind and soul.  At 24, I am definitely still learning how to balance work, life, interests, friends and family, and this week it really hit me with all of these new clients coming in again—Just like the students in my SYNCCYCLING Basics classes, I have to start somewhere. One blog post at a time.

until next time…


PS: If the person who inspired this post actually ends up reading this post I hope you are NOT offended and/or embarrassed, but instead realize what a great inspiration you provided! Thank you!

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