Commit to the Adventure

Life in the studio has been moving rather quickly in 2012. 


Since Jan 1st we have completed a community wide 30 Day Challenge, we have witnessed the birth of our friend and SYNCCYCLING instructor Tonya’s baby boy, we have celebrated the upcoming arrival of instructor/trainer/ superwoman Leigh Ann Yeager’s baby boy, we have welcomed hundreds of new students into our community, our community started its own running club, we started our 2nd annual Love Hunt (keep reading for the clue!) and we have started fostering a new batch of SYNCCYCLING Tyro instructors… is it really only February?!?


We have so much to be thankful for. 


Since we opened our doors at South on April 5th in 2010 we have seen our mission statement materialize.  We set out with an intention of fostering a community of like-minded individuals who wanted to live a healthy, happy and active life. Today, we get to interact with, train and enjoy this community every time we open our doors.

When thinking about how we will continue to support such a strong community and foster its growth, I think back to the path we took to get here: commitment to a purpose.


It can be found in many aspects of our lives: a relationship, overcoming an illness, an education, a job, a lifestyle, a diet, exercise. For some commitment comes easier than others.  For me commitment comes easier with some things than others. However, I have learned and even seen that despite the demands and rigor, if you truly believe in what you are committing to, you can find the strength and will power to do it.  Even if the end result is not what you set out for, the adventure alone can be rewarding, educational and inspiring.

Stay committed to your purpose this year.  We are going to stay committed to ours.

Hopefully you are staying committed to the HUNT too!  Check out the commitment in SYNCSTUDIO’s flickr stream

Until next time,


PS clearly, I am having commitment issues with this blog!


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3 responses to “Commit to the Adventure

  1. Christina Slone

    I’ve been to RPM cycle and Spain!

  2. Jennifer Wygoda

    Love Hunt 2012! I’ve been all over “virtual” Durham for the love hunt! Dirty Durham, SyncStudio website/youtube , Flickr, Facebook, The Retreat, Bean Traders!

  3. Angela Hofhine

    I’ve been on the hunt. During my hunt I’ve been on the lovehunt Facebook page, following Sync on Twitter, at the sync studio store, to, to shop inde, chirba chirba, yelp even with technical difficulties, to the bolg twice now, on Sync’s flikr page, on you tube twice, at bean traders, on Sync’s homepage, to Marry Durham, the Retreat, and Dirty Durham.

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