[Meet Cathy]

She’s TEN SHADES OF GREAT.  She serves up daily workouts that will make your muscles scream and shout.  She’s at SYNCSTUDIO every day of the week.  She’s [Cathy Winton] and we asked her a few questions to see what makes her so awesome.

What’s your favorite SYNCCYCLING™ move?

Four Corner Swing

Favorite place in Durham?

SYNCSTUDIO….and a few others:
Fancy Eating = revolution
Sentimental value = American Tobacco campus (David proposed to me under the water tower there after he sent me on a city-wide scavenger hunt)
Hanging out = my house/neighborhood or downtown

What are some guilty pleasures?

Chubby’s Tacos and competition reality shows.

What side do you roll to after Savasana?

I roll onto my right side after Savasana because that it how I was originally taught and it stuck.  I roll to my left side after a big meal.

What are some projects you are working on?

Besides playlists and class plans… currently working on a few sewing projects, along with continuing house renovations (2012 is year of the floor and inside projects, 2013 will be exterior landscaping and building a detached office/workspace in the back yard)

Biggest accomplishment to date?

Becoming a homeowner on my own at age 25, and/or quitting my job to pursue my love of fitness

Music go-tos?

Party songs = Girl Talk
Feeling blue song = “Needle in the Hay” by Elliott Smith, or stuff by The National
Savasana song = n/a (am I not supposed to be sleeping at this point in class??)
Dance alone to = anything by Robyn or The Talking Heads
Driving music = Wes Anderson Movie Soundtracks, Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, and if I am feeling tired I listen to Toto or The Killers so I can practice my karaoke songs really loudly.

Best city

Duh!  DURHAM (but I really like visiting Washington, DC and San Francisco. And I’d go back to any of the European cities I’ve visited in a heart beat).

What is your stage name?

C-Note (Get it?  Like music AND money!)

Pro-Wrestler Name and/or Finishing Move?

“Buff Valentine” (www.wrestlingname.com) and I would use hilarious jokes to take down my opponents.  Or I’d somehow incorporate star jumpies.


Baywatch, White Lightning, CRT

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