My SYNCFIX: Kristin Anderson

How do you get your SYNCFIX?! We feel so fortunate to have the most enthusiastic students and want to share their stories with you. Positivity, inspiration, motivation: I CAN. I WILL.

Read on to discover how SYNCSTUDIO all-star, Kristin Anderson, discovered her SYNCFIX…

SYNCSTUDIO has literally changed my life and I love it! I came to the SYNCSTUDIO family over a year ago when their second studio opened down the street from my house in Durham. They offered the first week free and I couldn’t resist such a great deal, so I signed


“A little SYNCADDICT in the making!”

up for six classes (and I’m a recovering couch potato!) My first class was SYNCCYCLING® [The Basics] with Ashley and it rocked my world. I seriously fell in love with the whole vibe. I couldn’t stand up for more than 30 seconds during that first class, but was as if I had found my people. The music, the bike dancing, the community- it was amazing. I joke that I’m a SYNCADDICT and it is true. I still remember how encouraging and supportive Ashley was throughout those first few weeks when I struggled…and all of the instructors are like that. Now, I look forward to going to class – it’s fun and empowering. I’ve made great friends through SYNCSTUDIO and look forward to many more years with my favorite people dancing on the bike!”

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