[BOOTCAMP SERIES] #sexysummer

From Leigh Ann Yeager, Director of SYNCWELLNESS and Programming:

Every spring you tell yourself, after failed attempts at New Year’s Resolutions, that this year is THE ONE. This year will be the one where you buckle down, commit to working out, and achieve your goals. I know because I used to make the same promises to myself.

I found, after years of trying, that getting to my goals was easy as long as I had the right resources.

I needed a plan.  I needed support.  I needed accountability.  I needed to make time for myself.

I’m ready to give YOU those resources, SYNCSTUDIO [DURHAM]…


THE PLAN:  One hour-long, calorie-torching sweat session each week lead by the area’s best trainers and nutritional guidance and recipe idea to optimize results.

SUPPORT:  Connect with your trainers and your training partners on our SYNCWELLNESS Facebook page all day, every day.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  Check in on Facebook, myfitnesspal.com, and Instagram and receive weekly emails from your trainers.

TIME FOR YOURSELF:  Meet with your trainer and your workout partners on Saturday mornings at 8am sharp at SYNCSTUDIO [SOUTH DURHAM].

Are you in?



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