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[BOOTCAMP SERIES] #sexysummer

From Leigh Ann Yeager, Director of SYNCWELLNESS and Programming:

Every spring you tell yourself, after failed attempts at New Year’s Resolutions, that this year is THE ONE. This year will be the one where you buckle down, commit to working out, and achieve your goals. I know because I used to make the same promises to myself.

I found, after years of trying, that getting to my goals was easy as long as I had the right resources.

I needed a plan.  I needed support.  I needed accountability.  I needed to make time for myself.

I’m ready to give YOU those resources, SYNCSTUDIO [DURHAM]…


THE PLAN:  One hour-long, calorie-torching sweat session each week lead by the area’s best trainers and nutritional guidance and recipe idea to optimize results.

SUPPORT:  Connect with your trainers and your training partners on our SYNCWELLNESS Facebook page all day, every day.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  Check in on Facebook, myfitnesspal.com, and Instagram and receive weekly emails from your trainers.

TIME FOR YOURSELF:  Meet with your trainer and your workout partners on Saturday mornings at 8am sharp at SYNCSTUDIO [SOUTH DURHAM].

Are you in?



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[Meet Stephanie]

The secret is out!  Classes at SYNCSTUDIO taught by [Stephanie Lybarger] are challenging, motivating, and full of “magic!”  People are hooked on Stephanie like phonics!  Let’s spell out a little bit about our awesome lady…
Any projects you are working on right now?
My garden – it’s my first one and I’m still trying to figure some things out.
What are you growing in your garden?
Cucumbers (although the heat has nearly killed them), tomatoes (roma and golden cherry tomatoes), Thai hot peppers, basil, watermelon, green beans (but the aphids killed those), multi-colored carrots, swiss chard and buttercrunch lettuce.

Best thing about having two sweet bambinos?

Seeing their own little personalities develop.  Cooper has a lot of empathy and is a really caring kid and Bridgette is very assertive and bright.  I like to think they both got those traits from me.
What are you listening to in your car right now?
I actually have a playlist on my iPhone called “Car” (no really, I’m not making that up) and it has a variety on it:  Kid Rock, Michael Franti, Eminem, P.O.D., Gym Class Heroes, Ke$ha, Linkin Park, and a few others.
Music for class?
For yoga I really like Michael Franti and Marc Broussard and for cycling my favorite is a mixture of cheesy pop music and angry rock.
Favorite song to dance alone to:
“Dancing with Myself” by Billy Idol.  Just kidding–I don’t dance.
What is your favorite SYNCCYCLING™ move?
Swing – because I can’t dance and that move makes me feel like I can (at least on a bike).
Strangest place you’ve practiced yoga?
My office – I was really stressed one day so I just shut the door and practiced in between a filing cabinet and my desk chair.
What posture do you do to relax?
Supta Bada Konasana with my feet bound with a blanket and a bolster under by back.
What posture do you do to get energized?
My favorites to build energy are Warrior 2 and Half Moon
What is your favorite dessert?
I really can’t name just one – how ’bout I give you a top five?  These are in no particular order:
  1. Hagen Daas plain chocolate ice cream
  2. crème brûlée
  3. monster cookies (which I prefer to make myself)
  4. chocolate peanut butter cheesecake (from my own kitchen)
  5. fresh peaches
You just did a Magic Mike themed SYNCCOMBO (SYNCCYCLING™ + Yoga Fusion) class… Tell us, who is your favorite Magic Mike stripper?  And what song goes with him?
First of all, I love that you’re asking me this question.  This is a tough call– if we’re going just with physical appearance then Joe Maganiello (who dances to “Can I” by Tank… and you can see exactly why his stage name is “Big Dick Richie”).  If we’re factoring in dancing ability here, then the answer is clearly Channing Tatum (who dances to “Pony” by Ginuwine and “Calypso” by Excision & Datsik).
If you could choose any character in any movie/book to be in real life, who would it be?
Lisabeth Salander from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Yeah, she’s a little effed up but she’s crazy smart, resourceful and strong and she has her own beliefs and morals that she follows in a completely unwavering capacity.
Okay, so we know you are a Computerized Coke Machine aficionado. What is the best combo?
Diet Coke with lime and the Cherry Diet Coke to make Cherry Limeade Diet Coke!
Biggest accomplishment in your life so far?
Completely changing the direction of my life at the age of 30.  It was a scary thing to give up the security and familiarity I had to get divorced, give up going to law school and become a yoga teacher but it was, without a doubt, the best decision I’ve ever made.  I just decided that no one was going to come around and ask if I wanted to be happy so I figured I had to get that way on my own.

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The past few weeks I have been strongly affected by an event that I never imagined would have a great effect on me:  The death of Steve Jobs.

Obviously, I don’t know him nor do I have any type of connection to him.  I am a new addition to the Apple world and admittedly ignorant to his MANY great achievements, inventions, discoveries, businesses, and life.  His death, while it did catch my attention listening to the news, it didn’t emotionally affect me at first.

About a month ago I went out for a run and put on a podcast, 30 minutes into my run I was in tears.  I was totally taken by surprise by this song:

I hadn’t heard Jobs’ speech prior to this run, but on first listen I was deeply moved.  Especially by his comments on death.

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”

Avoiding the trap.  It is so easy to get lost in a sea of doubt and negativity.  There are people around all the time telling you how bad something is, how awful it is, how much better something else could be. Complaining, whining, and groaning.  Self-pity is all too common. You can get stuck in a spiral of negative thoughts, doubt even the very things you love, forget that your time is in fact quite limited.  Keep strength and courage to make a change and work hard for something that you are passionate about, don’t let self-pity or doubters convince you otherwise.

“for the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”

Don’t let fear stop you.  If you were to die tomorrow, would you be satisfied with what you have done?  Is there something preventing you from doing things you want to do?  Of course, the answer to this can be circumstantial and a whole list of factors must be considered, but at the end of the day if you aren’t satisfied, what are you doing to make a change?  Remember people will judge you no matter what you do, people will have opinions on your choices, someone will always know a better way to do it.  It is easy to judge, voice an opinion, provide the coulda-woulda-shoulda answer and never take on a challenge.  YOU have to make the change, YOU take on the challenge, YOU do something you enjoy, it is up to YOU, not them.

“Don’t be trapped by dogma —which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.”

You have so much to gain and no reason not to follow your heart. I am not going to lie to you.  When we opened the second location for the studio I put all of my energy and life into the growth of this business.  I lost touch with friends, I neglected my personal life, I (with happiness) neglected my laundry pile, I forgot birthdays, I missed major events in friend’s lives that I will never have the chance to be part of again, I was making a sacrifice for something I truly believe in and absolutely enjoy doing.  I wake up every day knowing that each day is a learning opportunity for me.  An opportunity to prove something to myself.  An opportunity to have an effect on a community of people.  I am not losing out, but following my heart.

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.”

Until next time,


Read and/or watch the full speech here:


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An inspirational friend.

Being part of this studio gives me the opportunity to meet new people everyday.  I make new friends, I feel inspired and moved by their stories.  Sometimes I see them again and sometimes I don’t, either way they provide a moment of inspiration for me as I go through my day.  However, there are those returning faces that I see every day for my classes, in other classes and just passing through the studio.  These are the faces that provide constant inspiration for me.  Especially on days when I can’t seem to find the energy to make things happen.


This post is dedicated to one student at our studio who is truly an inspiring individual, one that I see just about every day.  She is inspiring for me, for other members, for her family, for her friends and anyone who has the fortune to meet her.


I first met her last summer in my cycling class. I can only imagine that she was probably a bit nervous about coming into cycling classes taught by hyper young chickies with music blaring, not to mention she was in the middle of fighting a serious illness.  Her doctor suggested that she exercise more, but probably didn’t think that his/her suggestion would be carried out with such fervent devotion.  She came into the studio with her neighbor, both determined and enthusiastic despite her current circumstance and recent setbacks. I was instantly impressed by her strength and energy; I was blown away by her dedication to the 30 Days to Wellness challenge though.  She and her neighbor committed to the challenge together and didn’t miss a single one of their 30 classes.  In the midst of doctors appointments, grandchildren and life they never gave up.  The challenge came and went, but her dedication to health and fitness didn’t waver. She is walking proof that dedication to overcoming a challenge can pay off and that surrounding yourself with people who love and support you can make all of the difference while doing so.   We have seen the physical changes at the studio (she has some serious muscles now and rocks the back row in cycling classes) and reports from her doctor have also been changing for the better.  Watching her health improve so drastically and her confidence build has been an unbelievably positive experience for me.  Knowing that this studio can offer a place for something like that to happen plays a HUGE role in keeping me motivated.


She, her neighbor and her neighbor’s husband have all become a staple in classes at our studio, inspiring and encouraging just about everyone that walks through the door to stay committed.  I hope they know they are a cornerstone of our community, dear friends, and an important part of my life.


Until next time…




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Get Rhythm

This past Saturday morning I was in the car listening to the Americana and Blues hour on 88.1 and Johnny Cash’s “Get Rhythm” came on.  A song can provoke different emotions for different people, but for some reason at that moment Cash’s song resonated with me.

Recently I have noticed a lot of people coming into the studio telling me they need help getting back into a routine, that the winter got the best of them.  My advice to them has been and will continue to be to get into a rhythm of doing activities that keep them moving, help them release stress, but that they also enjoy.

There were 4 years of my life where I was living in weather that went from one extreme to the other- Seattle for the cold, dark, rainy winter that went from November to April with about a month of windy, cool sunshine during May.  This was followed by 3 months in North Carolina for the humid, hot summers.  The best weather was September to October in Seattle right as school started.  These 2 months were a short reprieve from relentless heat and a deceptive introduction to the winter months ahead.  It only took a year of this before I realized how big of a role weather plays into your mood, energy and activity level.  The 18 years prior of 4 season years in Durham had not been fully appreciated. With my new Northwestern climate I had to prevent a college experience of isolation, endless tv consumption and overall disheartenment. I created new habits for myself like walking everywhere listening to my Chinese podcasts and music, running in rain, snow or shine, and going out to see friends no matter what was going on outside.  Although these things seem trivial, they WORKED because they were things I enjoyed!  I have done the same thing at other times in my life when I could’ve fallen into a slump- create a routine for myself of activities that keep me moving, motivated and put a smile on my face.

For students at the studio I recommend sampling classes, finding an instructor that they connect with and create a habit of going to their classes.  As an instructor when I see this dedication and commitment I try to make it a point to let these student’s know that I recognize their determination and I am compelled to keep them motivated.  Outside of taking classes, getting into a rhythm of doing activities that provide an outlet for you such as walking, dancing, running, reading a book or meeting friends will keep you busy and hopefully in high spirits.

Don’t get the blues…find your rhythm.

Here is a video of Cash and the lyrics below!

Hey, get rhythm when you get the blues
Hey, get rhythm when you get the blues
Yes a jumpy rhythm makes you feel so fine
It’ll shake all the trouble from your worried mind
Get Rhythm when you get the blues
Little shoeshine boy never gets low down
But he’s got the dirtiest job in town
Bendin’ low at the people’s feet
On the windy corner of the dirty street
Well, I asked him while he shined my shoes
How’d he keep from getting’ the blues
He grinned as he raised his little head
Popped a shoeshine rag and then he said
Get rhythm when you get the blues
Hey, get rhythm when you get the blues
It only costs a dime, just a nickel a shoe
Does a million dollars worth of good for you
Get rhythm when you get the blues
Well I sat down to listen to the shoeshine boy
And I thought I was gonna jump for joy
Slapped on the shoe polish left and right
He took a shoeshine rag and he held it tight
He stopped once to wipe the sweat away
I said you’re a mighty little boy to be a workin’ that way
He said I like it with a big wide grin
Kept on a poppin’ and he said again
Get rhythm when you get the blues
Hey, get rhythm when you get the blues
Get a rock’n’roll feelin’ in your bones
Get taps on your toes and get done
Get rhythm when you get the blues

Until next time.



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Feel Some Love.

Showing appreciation for those you surround yourself with is so important.  Even if it is in the smallest ways.

Since I have taken on my positive mantra, I have also been making a very conscious effort to surround myself with positive energy, positive attitudes and generally happy people.   Of course this doesn’t mean that I am positive and happy 100% of my life, but I certainly try, and having positive people around has had a major impact.

SYNCSTUDIO has proven to me that keeping a positive atmosphere and creating a positive environment can foster a positive community that is capable of achieving GREAT things.  I can’t say enough how much we appreciate our student’s positive attitudes, positive energy and all around AWESOMENESS.

That must be why we are leading you through this Love Hunt, right? 🙂  If you are on the hunt, thanks for keeping up.  Its time for you to check out the “Promotional Offer” on our Yelp! Page: http://www.yelp.com/biz/syncstudio-durham

Until next time…



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