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[BOOTCAMP SERIES] #sexysummer

From Leigh Ann Yeager, Director of SYNCWELLNESS and Programming:

Every spring you tell yourself, after failed attempts at New Year’s Resolutions, that this year is THE ONE. This year will be the one where you buckle down, commit to working out, and achieve your goals. I know because I used to make the same promises to myself.

I found, after years of trying, that getting to my goals was easy as long as I had the right resources.

I needed a plan.  I needed support.  I needed accountability.  I needed to make time for myself.

I’m ready to give YOU those resources, SYNCSTUDIO [DURHAM]…


THE PLAN:  One hour-long, calorie-torching sweat session each week lead by the area’s best trainers and nutritional guidance and recipe idea to optimize results.

SUPPORT:  Connect with your trainers and your training partners on our SYNCWELLNESS Facebook page all day, every day.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  Check in on Facebook, myfitnesspal.com, and Instagram and receive weekly emails from your trainers.

TIME FOR YOURSELF:  Meet with your trainer and your workout partners on Saturday mornings at 8am sharp at SYNCSTUDIO [SOUTH DURHAM].

Are you in?



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My SYNCFIX: Marit Weitnauer

How do you get your SYNCFIX?! We feel so fortunate to have the most enthusiastic students and want to share their stories with you – giving real meaning to “I DO THIS EVERYDAY.”

[BKLYN] babe, Marit Weitnauer, discovered her SYNCFIX the very first day of opening…read on to learn why!

“I decided it was time to start getting stronger and healthier on a consistent basis even before I saw signs appear in the window of a sparkling new yoga and cycling studio down the street from my apartment. I was overjoyed when they finally opened the doors and I’ve been hooked since opening day (literally). It turns out that getting ripped and in shape has been easier than I thought!

ImageI’ve been so impressed with the crew of instructors that Karla and Ashley assembled. Everyone is incredibly friendly, talented and they all have great taste in music so it’s impossible to not enjoy the classes. They’ve created an energetic atmosphere that feels quite a bit more personal and tight knit than studios and gyms that I’ve tried in the past.

I practice a lot of yoga at SYNCSTUDIO and I especially love the zen hour of the 6:45am class. I can’t imagine a better way to start a busy day. I also try to make it to as many of Javi’s Cardio Circuit clases as I possibly can. They’re over in a quick 45 minutes flat and leave you covered in sweat, knowing that you’ve worked every important muscle group. I’d do it every day if I could! I feel like I’m in the best shape that I have been in since high school when I was training almost every day and I know it can only get better from here.”

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Weekly Jamz- July 19

In anticipation of a weekly release of our latest obsessions and inspirations here at SYNCSTUDIO [BKLYN], we are sending this one out to you a bit early.  Going forward you will see a post on Fridays sharing what is on repeat for the week at the [BKLYN] studio.

Keep your ears and souls happy…subscribe to both the blog and  playlist!

July 19 Jamz link go now—>


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My SYNCFIX: Kristin Anderson

How do you get your SYNCFIX?! We feel so fortunate to have the most enthusiastic students and want to share their stories with you. Positivity, inspiration, motivation: I CAN. I WILL.

Read on to discover how SYNCSTUDIO all-star, Kristin Anderson, discovered her SYNCFIX…

SYNCSTUDIO has literally changed my life and I love it! I came to the SYNCSTUDIO family over a year ago when their second studio opened down the street from my house in Durham. They offered the first week free and I couldn’t resist such a great deal, so I signed


“A little SYNCADDICT in the making!”

up for six classes (and I’m a recovering couch potato!) My first class was SYNCCYCLING® [The Basics] with Ashley and it rocked my world. I seriously fell in love with the whole vibe. I couldn’t stand up for more than 30 seconds during that first class, but was as if I had found my people. The music, the bike dancing, the community- it was amazing. I joke that I’m a SYNCADDICT and it is true. I still remember how encouraging and supportive Ashley was throughout those first few weeks when I struggled…and all of the instructors are like that. Now, I look forward to going to class – it’s fun and empowering. I’ve made great friends through SYNCSTUDIO and look forward to many more years with my favorite people dancing on the bike!”

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[Meet Stephanie]

The secret is out!  Classes at SYNCSTUDIO taught by [Stephanie Lybarger] are challenging, motivating, and full of “magic!”  People are hooked on Stephanie like phonics!  Let’s spell out a little bit about our awesome lady…
Any projects you are working on right now?
My garden – it’s my first one and I’m still trying to figure some things out.
What are you growing in your garden?
Cucumbers (although the heat has nearly killed them), tomatoes (roma and golden cherry tomatoes), Thai hot peppers, basil, watermelon, green beans (but the aphids killed those), multi-colored carrots, swiss chard and buttercrunch lettuce.

Best thing about having two sweet bambinos?

Seeing their own little personalities develop.  Cooper has a lot of empathy and is a really caring kid and Bridgette is very assertive and bright.  I like to think they both got those traits from me.
What are you listening to in your car right now?
I actually have a playlist on my iPhone called “Car” (no really, I’m not making that up) and it has a variety on it:  Kid Rock, Michael Franti, Eminem, P.O.D., Gym Class Heroes, Ke$ha, Linkin Park, and a few others.
Music for class?
For yoga I really like Michael Franti and Marc Broussard and for cycling my favorite is a mixture of cheesy pop music and angry rock.
Favorite song to dance alone to:
“Dancing with Myself” by Billy Idol.  Just kidding–I don’t dance.
What is your favorite SYNCCYCLING™ move?
Swing – because I can’t dance and that move makes me feel like I can (at least on a bike).
Strangest place you’ve practiced yoga?
My office – I was really stressed one day so I just shut the door and practiced in between a filing cabinet and my desk chair.
What posture do you do to relax?
Supta Bada Konasana with my feet bound with a blanket and a bolster under by back.
What posture do you do to get energized?
My favorites to build energy are Warrior 2 and Half Moon
What is your favorite dessert?
I really can’t name just one – how ’bout I give you a top five?  These are in no particular order:
  1. Hagen Daas plain chocolate ice cream
  2. crème brûlée
  3. monster cookies (which I prefer to make myself)
  4. chocolate peanut butter cheesecake (from my own kitchen)
  5. fresh peaches
You just did a Magic Mike themed SYNCCOMBO (SYNCCYCLING™ + Yoga Fusion) class… Tell us, who is your favorite Magic Mike stripper?  And what song goes with him?
First of all, I love that you’re asking me this question.  This is a tough call– if we’re going just with physical appearance then Joe Maganiello (who dances to “Can I” by Tank… and you can see exactly why his stage name is “Big Dick Richie”).  If we’re factoring in dancing ability here, then the answer is clearly Channing Tatum (who dances to “Pony” by Ginuwine and “Calypso” by Excision & Datsik).
If you could choose any character in any movie/book to be in real life, who would it be?
Lisabeth Salander from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Yeah, she’s a little effed up but she’s crazy smart, resourceful and strong and she has her own beliefs and morals that she follows in a completely unwavering capacity.
Okay, so we know you are a Computerized Coke Machine aficionado. What is the best combo?
Diet Coke with lime and the Cherry Diet Coke to make Cherry Limeade Diet Coke!
Biggest accomplishment in your life so far?
Completely changing the direction of my life at the age of 30.  It was a scary thing to give up the security and familiarity I had to get divorced, give up going to law school and become a yoga teacher but it was, without a doubt, the best decision I’ve ever made.  I just decided that no one was going to come around and ask if I wanted to be happy so I figured I had to get that way on my own.

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[Meet Adriana]

If you’re looking for a refreshing yoga experience, try [Adriana Freiberger] at SYNCSTUDIO! We love her cool and tranquil flavor, and she always leaves her yogis feeling empowered and enlightened after each practice.

Any projects you are working on right now?

Exploring new kinds of movement such as ballet and west African dance. Also, attempting to regulate the out of control watermelon and squash vines in my neighborhood garden.

Let’s find out more about your music tastes! What are you listening to in your car right now?

Because it’s summer, I’m listening to a lot of Baile Funk which is a really trashy super fun version of Brazilian reggeton.

Music for class?

I like to keep music for class really ambient. I want help my students focus on internalizing their awareness, sometimes I find music with lyrics in English, but that can really stir up some memories or emotions that could be distracting for their practice. Sometimes, I’ll find a really beautiful Kirtan song (devotional chanting in Sanskrit) that I’d like to share with my students, the repetitive mantra (or words), can really be soothing and powerful.

Music for dancing by yourself?

Anything by M.I.A. or the Backstreet Boys. (yikes!)

Strangest place you’ve practiced yoga?

Probably a high school cafeteria.

Go-to posture?

Definitely handstand! It’s so energizing and you can do so many fun variations.

Signature posture for classes?

I haven’t really ever thought about this before, but I’d guess it would have to be lizard/inside lunge position. I can attribute that to one of my favorite teachers who always makes us practice that pose first thing. I guess I picked up on the habit as well!

Any hidden talents?

I’m tri-lingual and I can touch my tongue to my nose.

If you had to eat one meal for every day for the rest of your life what would it be?

Fancy cheese and olives. And of course chocolate with almonds and sea salt. Forget veggies and proteins. Ha!

Favorite place in Durham?

The Capoeira Brasil Martial Arts Academy (Terreiro de Arte e Cultura) and Whiskey b/c I feel really fancy and special when I go there!

What is your favorite SYNCCYCLING™ move?

Definitely travel. It makes me feel like a beast!

If you could choose any character in any movie/book to be in real life, who would it be?

Such a hard question, because it totally depends on my mood. The first one to come to mind is Lilu (sp) from the 5th Element! Supreme being with amazing skills in martial arts!

Biggest accomplishment in your life so far?

Discovering yoga and getting into the UNC school of Social Work!

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[Meet Cathy]

She’s TEN SHADES OF GREAT.  She serves up daily workouts that will make your muscles scream and shout.  She’s at SYNCSTUDIO every day of the week.  She’s [Cathy Winton] and we asked her a few questions to see what makes her so awesome.

What’s your favorite SYNCCYCLING™ move?

Four Corner Swing

Favorite place in Durham?

SYNCSTUDIO….and a few others:
Fancy Eating = revolution
Sentimental value = American Tobacco campus (David proposed to me under the water tower there after he sent me on a city-wide scavenger hunt)
Hanging out = my house/neighborhood or downtown

What are some guilty pleasures?

Chubby’s Tacos and competition reality shows.

What side do you roll to after Savasana?

I roll onto my right side after Savasana because that it how I was originally taught and it stuck.  I roll to my left side after a big meal.

What are some projects you are working on?

Besides playlists and class plans… currently working on a few sewing projects, along with continuing house renovations (2012 is year of the floor and inside projects, 2013 will be exterior landscaping and building a detached office/workspace in the back yard)

Biggest accomplishment to date?

Becoming a homeowner on my own at age 25, and/or quitting my job to pursue my love of fitness

Music go-tos?

Party songs = Girl Talk
Feeling blue song = “Needle in the Hay” by Elliott Smith, or stuff by The National
Savasana song = n/a (am I not supposed to be sleeping at this point in class??)
Dance alone to = anything by Robyn or The Talking Heads
Driving music = Wes Anderson Movie Soundtracks, Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, and if I am feeling tired I listen to Toto or The Killers so I can practice my karaoke songs really loudly.

Best city

Duh!  DURHAM (but I really like visiting Washington, DC and San Francisco. And I’d go back to any of the European cities I’ve visited in a heart beat).

What is your stage name?

C-Note (Get it?  Like music AND money!)

Pro-Wrestler Name and/or Finishing Move?

“Buff Valentine” (www.wrestlingname.com) and I would use hilarious jokes to take down my opponents.  Or I’d somehow incorporate star jumpies.


Baywatch, White Lightning, CRT

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